Strategic Consulting – Cost Optimization

Our client, a global organization with over $5.62 billion in revenue, undertook a Cost Optimization initiative. This involved analyzing and optimizing staffing, equipment, administration, and other overhead costs incurred over the past four years. Requirements included conducting in-depth analysis, collaborating with stakeholders, and utilizing Data Analytics & dashboarding for insights.

  • Integration challenges from diverse data, risking inaccuracies.
  • Data quality issues with inaccuracies, duplications, and outdated information.
  • Cross country & cross currency data impacting financial data handling.
  • Non-uniform data formats, requiring normalization efforts.
  • Lack of robust data-sharing, impeding analysis completeness.
  • Data Collation: Proactively engage with various data owners to facilitate collation of relevant data points.

  • Directly access client systems: Gain access to client ERPs for retrieval of pertinent information crucial for the cost optimization exercise.

  • Data Transformation: Applied advanced techniques to transform unstructured data suitable for detailed analysis.

  • Actionable Insights: Derived actionable insights from information uncovering opportunities for optimization and efficiency improvements.

  • Interactive Visual Dashboards: Developed user-friendly and interactive visual dashboards to present the analyzed data to the management.

  • Data Governance: Instituted measures to address challenges related to data standardization and confidentiality.

  • Successfully delivered crucial actionable insights, identifying immediate optimization opportunities totaling $21.3M and long-term optimization possibilities totaling $92.6M.
  • Developed an information dashboard that automatically updates itself based on the latest dataset/information.
  • Management approval received to advance to the next phase of the assignment, focusing on designing an implementation roadmap for key decisions made during the cost optimization process.

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